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If you or a loved one has been arrested and is facing prosecution, you can count on Jack F. Witcher to provide experienced representation for misdemeanor charges like DUIs, to the most serious felonies, including drug charges and violent crimes.


Prosecutors have all the resources and authority of the State behind them.  You need a lawyer who knows the players and can meet the challenge.  Call us today for a free consultation.


If you choose to use our law firm, you can rest comfortably in the fact that our name is recognized by prosecutors and judges as a formidable name in DUI and criminal defense cases. We have a great reputation for integrity and we work hard on behalf of our clients. When we work to investigate and prepare a DUI case, the opposing side will know that we are serious about winning.

Don’t go it alone

Every charge is a serious charge, with consequences you may not be aware of.  Whether you’re faced with a traffic violation in city court or a state felony indictment, it’s important to consult an attorney immediately.  We know the procedures and strategies that work.  


We practice in every court in Georgia, including juvenile, superior, and federal.  We work with seasoned private investigators to uncover witnesses and evidence; we drive hard bargains with prosecutors; and our legal team has decades of courtroom experience.

DUIs and License Suspension

A DUI arrest brings an automatic license suspension by the Department of Driver Services. You have only ten days to challenge that suspension. DUI charges can also result in jail time, and can even lead to a felony conviction if someone was injured when you were charged with a DUI.  


At Jack F. Witcher, we’ll defend your case at every stage, from the initial traffic stop to chemical testing, including the credibility of the officer.  We’ll obtain videos, police records, and file all the motions necessary to help you avoid a conviction, or mitigate its consequences.  Remember, the consultation is free.

Post-Conviction Relief

A conviction is not always the end.  The attorneys at Jack F. Witcher have an respectable track record in the Court of Appeals and Supreme Court in both criminal and civil matters.  Call us to discuss your appeal options.  


If you are facing probation revocation, the stakes are enormous, and the State has a great advantage, because it is much easier to revoke probation then to get a conviction.  If you or a loved one is charged with a probation violation, call us immediately.  We can also help you modify the terms of your probation, including probation for sex offenders. You may be surprised at the options available!  


Jack F. Witcher and his associates also provide family law and divorce and child custody representation.

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